Dress My Nest: Andy Warhol


Another Dress My Nest post today! I think these are my favorite posts to do because they are somewhat of a challenge. It may also have to do with that fact that I used Paul Newman for the first one and he is my favorite person ever! I like scrolling through that post now and again just to admire the photos. Mmm....anyway, about today's post. Let me just say that Andy Warhol is not an easy person to find images of. You Google and you Google and all you find is his art. Which is awesome, but that leaves slim pickings for me to do a post like this. Here's what I was able to find:

Clothing/Accessory Items

1. Black Leather Jacket                                                  2. Eyeglasses

    3. Striped Shirt

Personal Items:

            1. Skull                                                                                      2. Hair

3. Tambourine

I would imagine Andy Warhol's home to be colorful, original and striking. That is what I tried to do here:

This is one of those times where it kills me that I can't actually execute these designs in real life. Once put together, I could either love it or hate it. But in my head it seems pretty great. This room would be pretty psychadelic and maybe uncomfortable for some people, but I take these posts to be practice for clients and don't necessarily make them in my style or yours. I do them in the style I think the "client" would like. So don't think I'm crazy....

Ok, I may have cheated a little. I had chosen a black leather Chesterfield but it just felt out of place, so I opted for this purple velvet one. The eyeglasses were translated into the lucite table (from 1st Dibs) and bench (by Jan Showers) and the striped shirt into the contemporary striped rug (Kyle Bunting). The skull chair on the right is also by Kyle Bunting and the one on the left is by Phillip Barlow. The Sputnik chendelier is the translation of his crazy hair and the tambourine can be seen in the metallic wallpaper. Art by Warhol. 

Here are some things I came across while compiling the collage. They're interesting, to say the least.


And finally...this wallpaper.

"Skull Wallpaper – Bronze Flock on Oil Slick. The signature paper featuring skulls in a reflective bronze, deep pile velvet on a incredible light-catching, iridescent base, using horribly expensive ink which changes colour as you walk past it – through reds, greens, blacks and golds – like an oil slick. Printed on non-woven paper."

Out of all the items in this post, would you put any of them in your home? Do you think this stuff is Warhol-esque?

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